Trust us for your Cavity Filling

Dental decay is one of the most common oral health conditions that we treat. From small cavities to extensive carious lesions, our cosmetic dentists in Blue Ash, Batavia and Lebanon aim to provide a gentle and proactive solution that both strengthens your tooth and restores the best aesthetic appearance. At Moorehead Family Dentistry, we use minimally-invasive composite for your cavity filling.


We provide fillings for cavity in your toothAbout White Cavity Fillings

White restorations match your natural tooth color, so that you can smile with confidence. Plus, the tight bond that composite forms with your tooth allows for less preparation and a smaller filling compared to traditional amalgam metal fillings.


Cavity Symptoms

Cavities aren’t always painful. Depending on the extent of your tooth decay and its proximity to your nerve, you can experience little to no discomfort.

Some of the most common symptoms of tooth decay include:

  •   Sensitivity to sweet foods or drinks
  •   Rough edges that you can feel with your tongue
  •   Something feeling “off” when you eat
  •   Food getting caught in your tooth

By the time a visible hole or discoloration is present, the decay has likely reached an aggressive state and you'll need a cavity filling.


Tooth and Cavity Filling Removal

Do you have old, outdated metal fillings? Amalgam restorations contain an alloy of different materials, including mercury. But they’re also less appealing, due to their dark grey color. If you’re embarrassed about the way they look or want to have the metal removed, our cosmetic dentists can arrange to replace your restoration with a white, composite version or porcelain crown (if the filling is large).


Benefits of Catching Tooth Decay Early

Tooth decay is a bacterial infection that can spread to adjacent and opposing teeth. That’s why cavities typically seem to “jump” from one tooth to another, where they touch side by side.

During your routine exams, we’ll screen for early signs of tooth decay so that it can be intercepted as early as possible. If the cavity is still in the earliest stage of enamel demineralization, a specialized fluoride can be used to stop and reverse the decay process. 

Once a cavity has ruptured through the outer layer of your enamel, it can spread at a relatively quick pace. Removing the decay and filling the opening with a small restoration is not just more affordable, it’s better for the integrity of your teeth.

Delaying a dental filling — either due to a lack of symptoms or personal reasons — can allow the infection to continue to spread. By the point it hurts or reaches the nerve of your tooth, a filling is no longer appropriate. Instead, a root canal and crown may be the only solution for preserving your remaining tooth structure.


Fillings vs. Dental Crowns

Mild to moderate areas of tooth decay still have a relatively healthy amount of tooth structure around them. In these situations, we can numb the tooth and remove the caries, then fill the area with composite.

But structurally speaking, large cavities with a thin shell of enamel cannot withstand the normal pressure from biting and chewing. Placing a filling in those teeth would simply cause the remaining structure to crack or break apart over time. So, in those situations, it’s better to cover your entire tooth with a crown (cap) which distributes the pressure across the overall restoration, protecting your underlying tooth.


How Much do Fillings Cost? 

With restorative fillings, the price of treatment often depends on the severity of the cavity (how large the filling needs to be) and your dental insurance benefit coverage. Fortunately, we offer an in-house discount dental plan for our patients without dental benefits, allowing them to reduce the overall price of routine treatments. During your evaluation, we’ll provide you with a customized care plan that outlines all costs and appointments involved.


Have a Cavity? Don’t Wait!

When you have a cavity, it needs to be treated as soon as possible. If you’re experiencing symptoms of tooth decay or it’s been longer than six months since your last checkup, contact Moorehead Family Dentistry to request an appointment at our Blue Ash, Batavia or Lebanon location. Or if you're in need of emergency dental care, please do not wait.