External Dental Payment Plan Options

Working to make your dental care affordable

Compassionate Finance

Compassionate Financeā„¢ makes every procedure affordable by offering customized payment plans for all patients seeking quality care. Their approval process is instant and pre-qualification is simple as long as you have an active bank account. Payment plans are personalized and provide flexible payment terms, fixed interest rates, and flexibility in the payment options that worked best for you. There are no fees to apply and Compassionate Finance can be used to cover dental expenses even if you have insurance.

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More MasterCard

The More Mastercard is a third-party payment option with no annual fee and zero percent interest for 6 months on individual healthcare expenses of $499 or more. Following the introductory period, the interest rate will fall between 12.99% to 23.24% based on your credit. Credit lines can go up to $25,000 per patient.

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