Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics)

Getting a root canal has never been easier! Today’s endodontic therapy is a great way to save your smile, treat tooth pain, and avoid unnecessary dental extractions.

When teeth abscess, it causes swelling inside of your tooth. The infection can seep through an opening like a crack or cavity, but at other times it will rupture near the tip of the tooth root.


Our dental offices provide root canal for patients in cinicinnatiWhat is a Root Canal?

A root canal — sometimes called a “root filling” or endodontic therapy — is a procedure where the nerve chamber inside of your tooth is cleaned out, sealed off, and the tooth covered. It involves removing infected tissues and medicating your tooth from the inside, so as to prevent any recurring infection. Otherwise, covering your tooth with a filling or crown would simply trap the bacteria inside of it, leading to ongoing pain and an abscess.

Root canals are frequently used in conjunction with crowns. After the endodontic procedure is completed, your remaining tooth structure tends to be weaker and more brittle. Covering the treated tooth with a crown can extend the lifetime and function of your smile!


Why is Endodontic Treatment Needed?

When a tooth’s nerve tissues are dying, abscessed, or infected, it causes your tooth to “resorb” or shrink away from the inside. This process weakens your tooth and makes it prone to breakage. The infection can also cause sensitivity or severe pain.

If we suspect that your tooth has an abscess or decay extending into the nerve canal, we’ll order an X-ray to assess the full root structure and bone around it. In some cases, hot/cold testing is also used. When appropriate, we may also take a 3D CBCT xray, giving us a 3D look at your tooth, to help ensure we find all of the canals and decay needing to be remedied.


Symptoms of Abscessed Teeth

A dying or infected tooth can exhibit signs such as: 

  •   Darkening of your tooth’s overall color
  •   Hypersensitivity
  •   Pain when pressure is applied
  •   A visible fistula (abscess or “pimple”) on your gums
  •   History of a traumatic injury to that tooth

It’s possible for injuries to result in nerve death up to 10 years or more after the trauma actually occurred. So, if you took a hit to the mouth from a baseball or during a car accident years ago, it’s not uncommon to experience symptoms that don’t develop until well into the future.


Alternatives to Root Canal Therapy

Most people facing root canal treatment are curious as to whether there are alternative procedures worth considering. Since endodontic therapy is considered a “last line of defense” for restoring your tooth, the only remaining options are to have your tooth extracted or wait until you’re in pain and have it removed at a later date. Unfortunately, with either of these options, you risk the infection spreading deeper into your face or adjacent teeth. Getting a root canal is the best possible solution.

If you opt to have your tooth extracted, there’s still the concern of replacing it as soon as possible. Otherwise the extra space in your bite can throw off the alignment of your surrounding teeth. Two of the more common replacement options include a dental bridge or implant.


Ensuring Your Comfort

Our dentists in Blue Ash, Batavia and Lebanon make it easy to complete your necessary dental care — including root canal therapy — with the same family team you know and trust. For a majority of situations, there’s no need to be referred to a separate root canal specialist, which can add to the time and costs involved in restoring your smile.

At Moorehead Family Dentistry, we treat you like family. To ensure your comfort we also provide optional sedation dentistry (IV conscious sedation, and nitrous oxide minimal sedation) upon request. With sedation, you can tune out what’s going on around you to complete your root canal quickly and gently.


Benefits of an In-House Root Canal

Save time, save money, save your smile. Contact Moorehead Family Dentistry to day to request a root canal exam or treatment at one of our Blue Ash, Batavia or Lebanon office locations. If you need financial assistance, learn more about our dental savers plan.