Dental Sealants

A dental sealant is a preventative treatment that lowers the chances of developing cavities in the deep chewing surfaces of your back teeth. Since these grooves, pits, and fissures are narrow and difficult to clean with a toothbrush, they’re some of the areas that develop cavities first.

See us for dental sealantsBy placing sealants over your chewing surfaces, we essentially create a shallower area that’s smoother and easier to clean with a toothbrush. That way there’s little to no residual bacteria left inside of the grooves following your typical brushing routine.


Who Qualifies for Dental Sealants? 

Sealants are designed for healthy teeth that have yet to develop cavities. In most cases, they’re placed on permanent molars shortly after they come in (around the ages of 6 and 12, respectively.) However, adults can choose to get sealants too. It may be that their childhood sealants came off or they’re starting to develop cavities in other teeth for the first time.

Investing in affordable dental sealants can help you prevent more extensive (and expensive) oral health treatments in the future.


How Much do Sealants Cost?

Depending on the type of dental insurance that you carry, sealants are typically covered at 100% for children and young teens. But the modest out-of-pocket cost makes them an affordable resource for anyone to invest in. Moorehead Family Dentistry also offers an in-house benefits program for our patients that do not carry personal dental insurance.


Sealants: What to Expect

Dental sealants are not the same as needing a filling. With a dental filling, the tooth is numbed, the decay cleaned away, and a material is placed down inside of the hollow cavity. But sealants are preventative procedures, so they’re placed on healthy and intact teeth. No numbing, needles, or drilling is needed!


Here’s what you can expect:

Step 1. We isolate your tooth to prevent any of the solutions from flowing into other areas of your mouth. Typically, you can expect a few pieces of cotton or other barriers to be placed around your tooth.

Step 2. A gentle cleaning solution will slightly roughen the chewing surface of your tooth, etching the outer layer of your enamel. After it’s thoroughly rinsed off, we dry your tooth so that there’s no residual moisture.

Step 3. The sealant material is applied with a small syringe tip or brush. After it flows into the grooves of your teeth, it will either cure on its own or we’ll use a bright light to cure the material into a solid state.

The entire process takes just a few minutes to complete. It’s easier than most people expect. Plus, we can seal a few teeth in a row when they’re side-by-side. In most cases, sealants are completed during your routine cleaning appointment due to the limited time that’s required. Rarely do we need to reschedule you for a separate appointment.


Ongoing Maintenance

Since sealants are protective layers over intact teeth, there’s always the potential that they can get pulled off by eating super-sticky foods. Try to avoid snacks like taffy, caramel, or items that could potentially adhere to the sealant and pop it off. Fortunately, sealants can easily last for several years, making them an excellent resource for children and adults who are at a higher risk of dental decay.

During your routine hygiene appointments, we will check to see that your sealants are still intact. If they need to be touched up, we can do so in just a couple of minutes.


Why Risk It?

Without sealants over your molars and premolars/bicuspids, your teeth are more prone to developing cavities in hard-to-clean areas. Investing in a quick dental sealant treatment could save you hundreds of dollars in dental treatment later.

Schedule an exam today to find out if you qualify and get your dental sealants the same day. Call Moorehead Family Dentistry in Blue Ash, Batavia or Lebanon to get started.