Dental Hygienist

New Patient Hygiene Overview
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As leading dental hygienist in Blue Ash, Batavia and Lebanon we believe in the power of teeth cleanings, flossing, sealants and fluoride to prevent dental disease. Our focus is on thorough dental care exams to check your teeth, gums and overall health. At Moorehead Family Dentistry we are equally concerned about your smile as we are your well being.

    • You can expect a typical new patient hygiene and cleaning appointment to go as follows:
    • Our front staff will welcome you with typical information gathering and answering any dental care questions you may have.
    • Next, your dental hygienist will greet you in the waiting room.
    • If dental X-rays or photos are required, they will be taken to understand the overall health of your mouth and accurately diagnose any dental issue.
    • Then your dental hygienist will perform a teeth cleaning, polish, floss and fluoride.
    • Next we will take a periodontal chart to write and record gingival and overall oral conditions relating to oral and periodontal (gum) health.Dental Hygienist Providing Professional Teeth Cleaning Cincinnati
    • Meet the doctor for an exam and discuss any areas of concern you may have or we may want to address.
    • If any areas of concern are found, we consult with your insurance company to provide an estimate of costs or you may be eligible for our Dental Savers Plan if you do not have dental insurance.
    • During your appointment with the doctor, please feel free to openly inquire about any dental concerns you may have.
    • Schedule any needed treatment or simply your next 6-month cleaning appointment

Expect this first appoint to take between 1 hour and 1.5 hours, so that we don't rush you through or provide too much information too quickly for you. 

If you have already scheduled your first appointment, be sure to fill out our New Patient Information Packet online prior to your appointment, so that we can gather your insurance information and be able to provide our best estimates for any future treatment at your appointment.