Judy M.

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5 out of 5 Blue Ash Dentist

I am very happy with my work done by Dr. Moorehead and his staff. Dr. Moorehead is very professional while also very kind and hears carefully what the patient has to say or request. Would by very confident in recommending Moorehead Family Dentistry to anyone. My new crowns are excellent in every detail. Dr. Moorehead made certain I was completely happy before leaving the office.

Loraine G.

Satisfied Patient at Blue Ash Dental Office
Highly rated Blue Ash Dentist

5 Star Batavia Dentist

What is your overall feeling about your experience at our office?

A feeling of surety of your preparation and knowledge as well as ability to diagnose and perform.


Describe in detail a specific experience with us that you were happy with:

You did not hesitate in finding problems that I have had for awhile and quick attendance of these probing problems.

Rosi W.

Honest best dentist in Blue Ash Dental Office
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Each time I come to the office I am treated wonderfully. The staff knows me and will ask me how various things are going in my life. It is nice to have personal touch and not be a number. One of my early visits to the practice I asked the hygienist if she likes working here. She replied, “Yes, very much.” When I asked “why?” she said “I have worked places where I have had to be quiet because the dentist was doing procedures that I knew were not needed. Dr. Moorehead is honest and only does procedures that are truly needed. I enjoy working in an honest environment.” I have had experiences with the dentist like that and I am glad to be with a practice that I can trust.

Melissa M.

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Dental Mouthguard no pain

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I am so grateful to you for suggesting I get a NTI. You suggested I might benefit from using a NTI after I mentioned I was having sensitivity in some of my teeth. Not only did the NTI completely banish the sensitivity I had been feeling, but it also worked to stop the daily headaches I was experiencing. I have tried custom made night guards in the past, but they didn't help with the headaches. The guard would help me to not grind my teeth together, but I was still clenching my jaw while sleeping, therein causing the headaches. My molars are completely prevented from making contact while I sleep with my new NTI . So, no clenching; which means no headaches or sensitive teeth! The cost of the NTI was significantly less than I have paid for other mouth guards that didn't work. I can't say it enough, the NTI has literally changed my life. No more headaches! Thank you for suggesting the NTI, I would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from the same symptoms as I.

Lauren L.

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Everyone at Dr. Moorehead’s office is nice and welcoming.  Definitely makes a trip to the dentist as painless as possible.

Bev N.

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IV Sedation Provides No Anxiety Dental Appointment

5 Star Blue Ash Dentist

It was awesome experience and I usually hate going to the dentist! Dr. Moorehead is a great dentist, he takes his time, and he explains everything. Great office staff and assistant! They have always been patient and helpful! I had IV sedation and I don’t remember any of the 4 hour procedure!

Gladys E.

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Blue Ash Patient Best Dentist for Family Dentistry

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Dr. Moorehead and his staff are really friendly people. He is not only a great professional but a great human being. In every visit I feel that they really take care of me and I am so grateful that I can bring my son with me to every visit.

Debby S.

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Best Dentist office in Blue Ash and Batavia

It is very friendly and welcoming. I love how they help you with your insurance and coverage. I came in a little apprehensive but left there happy and satisfied (I had 4 fillings replaced).