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Moorehead Family Dentistry has a dental office in Blue Ash, to serve patients with all of their General Dentistry, Dental Implant, and IV Sedation needs. The practice opened as Moorehead Family Dentistry in 2013, taking over for Dr. Klaus Guder, as he retired after many successful decades in Blue Ash. Located in the zip code of 45242, we service the communities of Blue Ash, Montgomery, Sharonville, and Kenwood with quality dentistry that focuses on helping the patient "Feel at home with a relaxing dental experience." We offer the same services at both of our locations, which include:

Preventative Care - This includes hygiene cleanings, x-rays utilizing our digital x-ray equipment, sealants, fluoride, and oral cancer screenings.

Restorative Care - Here, we focus on restoring an aspect of the mouth that has been broken or is in pain. This includes both emergency dentistry and non-emergency dentistry for extractions, composite fillings (tooth colored), crowns, implants, bridges and root canals. IV Sedation is available to make your experience more comfortable for most restorative procedures. 

Dental Implants - Costs and complexity of implants have drastically declined over the past few years. And insurance companies have been adding more benefits for implants at the same time. This is great news for our patients. Implants provide the most life like replacement for teeth, giving the patient the best long term opportunity to return to eating all types foods with little to no maintenance long term. 

IV Sedation - Also known as sleep dentistry or conscious sedation, IV sedation puts a patient safely into a twilight stage, where they won't remember any of the procedure but will still be able to answer questions or provide input. IV Sedation does not add much time to to the procedure and often has coverage with your dental insurance company. We always begin with a consultation and work to estimate what the recommended work will cost. This process aims at providing a low anxiety experience to get a little or a great deal of dental work done completed in a single visit. 

Dentures - Dentures provide an economical and cosmetic approach to replace missing teeth. At Moorehead Family Dentistry's Blue Ash dental location, we offer partial dentures, which replace a few missing teeth or a full dentures which replaces a full set (or arch) of missing teeth. With a few quick visits, we work closely with our preferred lab to get a comfortable fit and appealing look to help restore the appearance and function of your missing teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry - Cosmetic procedures are procedures that focus on the appeal of your teeth or smile. We offer Invisalign tray based orthodontics, and whitening via Zoom light treatment as well as trays. Many of our other procedures are cosmetic in nature as they improve your appearance. These include crowns, tooth colored fillings (composite), implants and dentures. 


Blue Ash - Driving Directions

Directions to Your Blue Ash Dentist

Moorehead Family Dentistry has a dental office located in Blue Ash, just a short drive from I-71. During busy traffic hours, the left turn from Kenwood road into the parking lot Moorehead Family Dentistry can be difficult. View the map to the right for an easier approach while coming up on Kenwood road or having just turned from Glendale-Millford Road or Pfeiffer Road. Follow Kenwood road up north, drive an extra 100ft and utilize the turn lane to escape the flow of traffic and U-Turn to be able to turn right into our office's parking lot.

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 Dental Payment Options in Blue Ash

For all of our procedures, we offer financing options to break down your procedures into manageable monthly payment. For those without dental insurance, we also offer an in-office dental discount plan. For a flat annual fee, you have most preventative services covered and 25% off of any other procedure that we offer. View our page on the Dental Savers Plan for more information or contact us at (513) 984-3817.