Cosmetic & Orthodontics

A smile that your are proud of can make you confident and that confidence can help fuel your career, relationships and other areas of your life. We all want to look and feel our best. Cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics, are used to straighten teeth and create a beautiful smile. They include various methods that can make a big impact on your smile and confidence. 

Cosmetic Dentistry and OrthodonticsOne of the cornerstones at Moorehead Family Dentistry is capturing photos of the mouth and smile that help to both diagnose any issues and inform steps that can be taken to improve your smile. We believe that when you see your mouth and smile, you can best understand the options for continued improvement.

Procedures that we offer, often considered cosmetic include:

The orthodontic solution that we currently offer at Moorehead Family Dentistry in both our Batavia and Blue Ash Dental Offices is the Invisliagn, clear aligner tray approach. We work to balance speed, cost effectiveness, and appearance with our orthodontic solutions. Both options are meant to help modify teeth spacing and other minor smile alignment issues. For jaw movement and other major orthodontic changes, we may refer patients out to orthodontic specialists. 




Invisalign is an aligner/tray based orthodontic process that is nearly invisible as it works. The aligners work to gradually shift the teeth into more proper alignment for your bite and smile. The process allows the patient more freedom in the foods that they eat and comfort when compared to traditional orthodontics. The time for the process is much shorter than traditional orthodontics and can average around a year.  


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