Tooth Extraction in Blue Ash, Batavia and Lebanon

At Moorehead Family Dentistry, we work to help you preserve your natural smile as long as possible. But sometimes dental disease, trauma, or extensive infection make tooth restoration impossible. When that’s the case, a tooth extraction is need to remove the affected teeth which will help restore optimal oral health and make way for full mouth rehabilitation.


We provide tooth extractionWhy do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extractions are recommended when our Batavia, Blue Ash and Lebanon dentists find that restoration isn’t an option. You may want to consider having a tooth pulled if you’re experiencing circumstances related to:

  •   Severe toothaches
  •   A large crack or fracture
  •   Broken tooth roots
  •   Aggressive tooth decay
  •   Advanced abscess (area of infection)
  •   Chronic periodontal disease
  •   Traumatic injuries
  •   Dying teeth


After Your Tooth Extraction

Removing a tooth creates excess space in your smile. As a result, your neighboring teeth can start to tilt or drift out of place. Even the teeth above/below may start to become misaligned. Gradually, your biting patterns can change, causing teeth to wear down prematurely or contribute to TMJ disorder. 

By having a tooth extraction and replacement plan set in place, you can maintain proper tooth alignment and oral function. Moorehead Family Dentistry offers a variety of restorative solutions, ranging from dental implants to bridges. Our Blue Ash, Batavia and Lebanon dentists will discuss each option with you, so that you can select the best treatment for your individual smile needs and budget.

Ultimately, it’s best to replace your missing tooth as soon as possible.


Wisdom Tooth Removal

Third molars — better known as “wisdom teeth” — typically erupt (come in) during your teens or 20s. At times, they can continue growing until you’re close to 30 years of age.

The position of wisdom teeth makes them more prone to decay, infection, and impaction (due to lack of space for them to come in.) Even a partially-erupted wisdom tooth may continually develop cavities or gum disease, placing neighboring teeth at risk for dental problems.

If your wisdom teeth are causing pain, infection, or we see on your X-rays that they’re impacted, a dental extraction may be the best solution to keep your smile healthy. Removing your wisdom teeth will prevent the pressure that causes crowding, pain, and orthodontic relapse. 

Moorehead Family Dentistry provides surgical wisdom tooth extraction with IV sedation to ensure optimal comfort for you or your teen. Our extensive experience with oral surgery extractions prevent you from having to visit an off-site surgical center resulting in added care costs and possibly longer wait times for an appointment.


Home Care After a Tooth Extraction 

Taking care of your extraction site can help to ensure a timely recovery and minimize the chances of infection or discomfort. Typically, you’ll want to avoid eating near the extraction site and sticking to a soft diet for a few days (longer for a wisdom tooth removal.) Avoid hard foods, alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco products to prevent the risk of a dry socket from forming.

Typically, over the counter pain relievers and a gentle warm saltwater rinse are all that’s needed to alleviate discomfort of a tooth extraction. Alternating a warm and cold compress on the side of your face can prevent and better manage swelling.

If for any reason you’re experiencing redness, swelling, pain, or prolonged bleeding following an extraction, contact one of our dentists in Blue Ash, Batavia or Lebanon as soon as possible.


Keeping You Comfortable 

Dr. Moorehead is a licensed IV sedation dentist, making it easy for you to access a comfortable, streamlined tooth extraction procedure. With IV or “conscious” sedation, you’re drowsy enough that you likely won’t remember anything about the visit. Sedation dentistry is perfect for people who are planning a wisdom tooth extraction or multiple teeth removal for full mouth restoration. Keep in mind, you’ll need to have a friend or family member drive you to and from the appointment, while also waiting for you in our family room during the appointment.


Do I Need My Tooth Pulled?

At Moorehead Family Dentistry, we put your individual oral health needs first. Contact us today to request an exam or emergency tooth extraction. We offer affordable in-house savings options for our patients without dental insurance.