Emergency Dentisty - Get out of pain, stay out of hospital

Emergency Dental Care

In pain? Dental emergencies can’t wait. If you have a toothache or broken tooth, it’s important that you see one of our Emergency Dental Care Dentists in Blue Ash, Batavia or Lebanon.

Toothaches: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Tooth pain is often one of the most uncomfortable things you’ll ever experience (next to earaches or kidney stones.) When your tooth hurts, you need access to a same-day emergency dentist who can get you out of pain as quickly as possible. 

As soon as you arrive at Moorehead Family Dentistry, we’ll take steps to medicate the tooth and numb away the pain. Once you’re comfortable, we can discuss what’s going on and the most appropriate methods for treating your toothache. That way you’ll be able to co-plan your emergency dental treatment and stay actively involved in the care you receive.


Virtual Emergency Dental Care Consult

You can avoid coming into the office for emergency dental care and dental pain. We're offering a FREE online emergency dental care consultation below (via this secure, HIPAA compliant webpage), so you can get the help you need now.


Emergency Root Canal Therapy

For severe toothaches or abscessed teeth, a root canal may be the quickest way to alleviate pain and preserve your smile. As part of our emergency dental care we offer in-house endodontic therapy to treat the source of tooth pain and avoid unnecessary tooth extractions. We even offer in-house IV sedation dentistry for many procedures.


Cost of Emergency Dental Care

Great news! If you don’t have dental insurance, our Batavia, Blue Ash and Lebanon emergency dental care clinics offer an in-house savings plan where you can take advantage of discounted treatments to lower your oral health costs. And if you already have dental coverage, our treatment coordinators will work with your insurance provider to maximize the benefits you’re entitled to.


Types of Emergencies We See

Here are some of the most common dental emergencies and what you should do if you’re experiencing one of them:

Broken or Chipped Teeth — Locate the fragment (if possible) and store it in a sealed container, completely submerged in contact solution, milk, saline, or tap water with a pinch of salt added. Bring it to our office within the next 1-2 hours to see if it can be bonded back in place.

Knocked-Out Tooth — Completely avulsed teeth can sometimes be reinserted. Take care to only handle the tooth by the crown, never touching the root. If there’s visible debris, gently rinse the tooth under running water but never scrubbing the root surface. If possible, reinsert your tooth back into the socket. Otherwise, store it using the same directions as mentioned above for chipped teeth. Get to our office within the hour to see if your tooth can be splinted in place or restored with a root canal. 

Broken Filling, Crown, or Bridge — Sometimes recurring tooth decay or aging dental work can cause existing restorations to fall out. Do not attempt to glue them back into place on your own. The only exception is if you have a crown or bridge on your front teeth and cannot get immediately to the dentist’s office; in this case, purchase an over-the-counter dental cement or use a dab of toothpaste to create a seal for temporary purposes. Get to our office at your earliest convenience.

Abscessed Tooth — Dental abscesses are often the result of an untreated cavity. If one pops up unexpectedly, it can lead to severe tooth pain. Take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen and call our office.

Injury to Your Mouth — Hitting your tooth against something can be scary and painful. As long as there is no visible damage or lingering discomfort, it’s ok to wait a few days for an appointment.

Bleeding or Swelling — Severe bleeding or facial swelling often requires emergency treatment at the nearest hospital. Apply firm pressure to any areas of bleeding. If the swelling is mild to moderate, call our office to request an emergency dental exam.


Call for a Same-Day Appointment

For urgent emergency dental care, contact Moorehead Family Dentistry right away. We’ll do everything possible to arrange to see you the same day. If you’re calling us after hours, please leave a message and one of our dentists will be in touch as soon as possible. Or you can use our online form to request a dental emergency appointment.