Emergency Online Consult

Emergency Dentisty - Get out of pain, stay out of hospitalAvoid coming into the office for emergency dental care and dental pain. We're offering a FREE online emergency dental care consultation below (via this secure, HIPAA compliant webpage), so you can get the help you need.

Do you have any of the following: dental pain, a dental concern, a toothache, or unbearable pain in your mouth? These all may be able to be resolved with an essential dental procedure that needs to be taken care of right away!

For those whose needs are deemed essential dental procedures, we're currently open to treat patients with those needs. So you can avoid coming in and first ensure a visit and treatment is necessary, by filling out some info and uploading a picture or two below.

Questions or Concerns? We're open during normal business hours at both locations.
Blue Ash - (513) 984-3817
Batavia - (513) 732-0541

Virtual Emergency Dentistry Consult


Note: It is not our intention to lure any patients from other dental offices to our practice long term. We wish to serve our community and those patients who cannot see their home dentist for one-time emergency dental care during the state of emergency.