Implant Supported Dentures

Today’s denture designs are streamlined, attractive, and more comfortable than ever - thanks to our dental implants! When it comes to tooth replacement treatments in Blue Ash, Batavia or Lebanon, Moorehead Family Dentistry provides the affordable and high-quality results you’re looking for.

We provide dentures in CincinnatiWhen combined with dental implants, hybrid and All-on-Four dentures offer: 

  •   Maximum comfort
  •   Better stability
  •   Streamlined design
  •   Improved confidence

Finding the best type of implant denture is something that can expand your diet, enhance your self-esteem, and even support your facial profile for a more youthful appearance. And you can find several options right here at Moorehead Family Dentistry!


Hybrid / All-on-4 / Fixed Dentures

Implant hybrid dentures, “All-on-4” implants, and extended bridges are all different names used to describe a unique, streamlined appliance that’s a cross between a dental bridge and denture. We call it the Moorehead Hybrid Denture! 

Instead of covering the roof of your mouth, your Moorehead Hybrid Dentures are a streamlined, “U” shaped appliance that follows the natural contour of your bite. There’s no “plate” to create a seal against your palate. Instead, the extended bridge design is permanently attached onto strategically placed implants. 

In the majority of cases, only 4-6 implants are needed to support your permanent denture. When installed, the All-on-4 appliance doesn’t come in or out of your mouth; it can only be removed by a dentist.

With a Moorehead hybrid implant denture, it’s almost like having your natural smile back all over again. Nothing moves. Nothing is bulky. Everything looks and feels as natural as possible. Even biting and chewing are a breeze!


Snap-On Overdentures

An implant retained overdenture looks like a traditional denture design but has special attachments underneath. These locators essentially “snap” onto implants, providing immediate security and a tight fit throughout the day. No gooey denture adhesives or pastes are needed! In some cases, existing dentures can even be retrofitted to attach to newly installed dental implants. 

Like a denture, overdentures should be removed each night. Clean them thoroughly and allow the appliance to soak in a denture cleansing solution. Do not sleep in removable dentures, as it can place you at a higher risk of developing an infection. 


Traditional and Immediate Dentures

Prefer a classic, conventional answer to your tooth replacement needs? A traditional removable denture or partial denture offers a fast and affordable solution for your smile restoration needs. 

Immediate dentures are a special type of prosthesis that we can place on the same date as any necessary tooth extractions. That way you never go with missing teeth. Same day dentures will typically need to be updated with a more permanent design after your mouth has healed (due to changes in bone shape and gum contour.)


What About Replacing Single Teeth?

Our dental implants can also be used to support individual ceramic crowns and multi-tooth dental bridges. That way if we need to fill in a smaller space and you still have healthy teeth, you don’t need unnecessary tooth extractions. Implants provide a long lasting solution that look and feel like natural teeth.


Keeping You Comfortable During Implant Placement 

Having dental implants installed for single tooth replacement or a fixed denture is a minimally-invasive process. Most people say it’s easier than having a tooth pulled! But if comfort is your top concern, then our dental professionals in Blue Ash, Batavia and Lebanon can help. Choose to relax through your procedure with our in-house sedation dentistry options. In most cases, you won’t remember much - if anything - about your appointment. Sedation is an excellent choice for full mouth reconstruction cases.


Which One is Right for You?

For a professional opinion from our implant and cosmetic dentists, request a no-pressure consultation at Moorehead Family Dentistry. Flexible financing plans are available! Plus, get a complementary PreVu digital before and after during your visit. Call today.