Why Choose Us

There are two primary reasons why you should choose Moorehead Family Dentistry for your dental care – compassionate care and advanced dental technology. 

Compassionate Care - Provided in a Relaxing Environment

From the initial moments you approach and then enter the Moorehead Family Dentistry building in Blue Ash or our dental office in Batavia, you will feel at home immediately. The dental practice operates out of a renovated house and its waiting area is a converted living room with a fireplace. This creates the look and feel of being at home, rather than what is typically experienced in a dental office environment.

The relaxing environment encountered at Moorehead Family Dentistry does not stop there. Compassionate care is consistently provided for patients. The staff purposefully personalizes the dental experience by getting to know the patients, connecting with them on a personal level and treating them as if they were family members. Take, for example, the following proof.

Comfortable Dental waiting room in Blue Ash Dentist Office

Moorehead Family Dentistry:
ADA Dentist in Blue Ash and Batavia
  • Offers comprehensive dental care, initially by taking a patient’s complete oral history, with the clear intent to treat oral care as a vital aspect of a patient’s overall health.
  • Conducts various screenings to assess a patient’s oral and overall health to provide a comprehensive and personalized treatment and monitoring plan.
  • Offers Emergency Dental care, often available the same day. Call (513) 984-3817 to confirm availability for today.
ODA Dentist in Batavia Amelia Williamsburg Blue Ash
  • Focuses on a patient’s entire oral health in order to help eliminate or at least minimize risk factors associated with certain diseases through periodontal therapy.  The inflammation from gum (periodontal) disease is a risk factor for certain systemic conditions such as: diabetes, heart disease, stroke, low birth weight, infertility, and various types of cancers.
    • Consults with patients, assuring that they are informed and educated about their dental care.  Dental issues usually have multiple ways they can be treated, so Moorehead Family Dentistry wants patients to know what treatment options are available so that the patient can choose what is best for them.
  • Knows how dental insurance works and wants to help patients get the most financial benefit from the insurance available to them.  For the un-insured, Moorehead Family Dentistry offers a Dental Savers Plan to make treatment more affordable.
  • Offers multiple financial options to help patients fit dentistry into their budget, including accepting credit cards, and non credit check payment options.

The mantra at Moorehead Family Dentistry speaks directly to the staff’s compassionate care and the practice’s relaxing environment: Care for patients the way they would want to be cared for.


Advanced Dental Technology - Expertly Delivered

A positive dental experience, of course, is not only the result of a patient being in a relaxing environment; it also requires a positive dental result. At Moorehead Family Dentistry, that is primarily accomplished through the practice’s use of advanced dental technology that is expertly delivered by Dr. Moorehead and his staff.

Moorehead Family Dentistry:
  • Offers IV Sedation to aid in patient comfort and allow them to relieve anxiety and relax for the dental procedure.
  • The technologies and techniques that are used include:
    • Digital x-rays (including panoramic)No Fear Dentistry with IV Sedation in Blue Ash And Batavia Dental Office Locations
    • Intra-oral (mini) cameras used as educational tools
    • Isolite to comfortably keep the mouth open, suction water and debri, and isolate the operating field
    • Use of ceramic (not metal) materials for crown restorations
    • Offering Dental Implants for the great long term performance and attractive cosmetic dental solution for missing teeth.
  • Utilizes the latest in dental innovations and the professional staff stays up to date by earning continuing education beyond the minimum requirements.
  • Provides the common dental procedures such as cleanings, crowns, fillings, root canals, etc., but also specializes in advanced periodontal therapy, placement of implants, wisdom teeth extraction, Invisalign, etc. – and it is all performed under one roof.

Feel confident in choosing Moorehead Family Dentistry because of the compassionate care provided in a relaxing environment and the advanced dental technology expertly delivered. Moorehead Family Dentistry is a place where you will . . . feel at home with a relaxing dental experience.