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I am so grateful to you for suggesting I get a NTI. You suggested I might benefit from using a NTI after I mentioned I was having sensitivity in some of my teeth. Not only did the NTI completely banish the sensitivity I had been feeling, but it also worked to stop the daily headaches I was experiencing. I have tried custom made night guards in the past, but they didn't help with the headaches. The guard would help me to not grind my teeth together, but I was still clenching my jaw while sleeping, therein causing the headaches. My molars are completely prevented from making contact while I sleep with my new NTI . So, no clenching; which means no headaches or sensitive teeth! The cost of the NTI was significantly less than I have paid for other mouth guards that didn't work. I can't say it enough, the NTI has literally changed my life. No more headaches! Thank you for suggesting the NTI, I would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from the same symptoms as I.